Mortgages for First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers in Pitt Meadows, Coquitlam, Maple Ridge and across BC always face an uphill battle.

Having no prior exposure to the Vancouver housing market, having limited information or knowledge about Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge mortgages and the quest to find the right property can be daunting enough. Add to that all the paperwork, down payment, escrow, time, effort and the professional compulsions to the blend and you have a tedious task at hand. Truth be told, a first time home buyers guide is beyond the realm of just one article. Hence, instead of delving into every detail, we are listing out the snippets which will let you know what you need to buy the right home and to get a good deal.

Always hire a real estate agent.

This is the era of classifieds and online quests. Property owners directly list their properties and homebuyers wonder if it is worthwhile to pay brokerage when one can directly get in touch with homeowners. First time home buyers may be tempted at the idea of cutting the expenses by doing away with a real estate agent but the services that a broker offers are very helpful. You may find a property online that you like and you can also schedule visits and might be able to negotiate the ask price. Yet, you wouldn’t know how to get the property inspected, if the property adheres to the local building codes, if the value is correct and you would be clueless about the paperwork. From verifying the title to putting together all the paperwork, a Pitt Meadows broker does more than what you may presume. Hire a good real estate agent and that would be of immense help.

Make Sure to Get a Reliable Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and BC Mortgage Broker

Vancouver, Maple Ridge first time home buyers and Pitt Meadows first time home buyers must also consider hiring a local mortgage broker.  In the Pitt Meadows and Maple Ridge area Tania Campfield is the clear choice, with experience and knowledge. Having a mortgage broker is helpful because then you can get all the advice on mortgage rates, providers and how you can get pre qualified and pre approved. Mortgage pre approval is necessary today as many property owners would only entertain such home buyers. Mortgage pre approval is also helpful for first time home buyers because one gets to know if the banks or financial institutions would actually offer the home loan needed to buy the property. It is heartbreaking to get rejected by mortgage providers after you have found the right home.

Once you have adhered to the aforementioned, you must be very pragmatic with your search.

Don’t peg your expectations too high, don’t be rigid with your preferences and always conduct a holistic assessment. Don’t look for homes that have the cheapest price tags. Be objective with your assessment, whether it is evaluation of a neighborhood or inspecting the property’s foundation. Get professional help at every stage. First time home buyers may not realize the significance of minor elements such as the quality of plumbing, the type of construction or the various fixtures that would be preinstalled at properties. Delving into these details is more complicated than assessing the footage and the aesthetics.

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